Let It Shine coaches inspire more effective communicators. We teach tangible, tailored steps of action. You’ll make an impact speaking one on one, in front of thousands, with the media, with clients and families… wherever you use your voice. Let It Shine president and lead coach, Lucida Kay has spent her career on air (TV and radio) and behind the scenes, she knows what it takes to speak with powerful clarity, “Nurturing your natural strengths, modifying your quirks, and watching you shine, now that makes my heart sing!

Public Speaking, Presentations
… Wanna rock it?! Afraid? Need some reminders?
Executives, beginners and everyone in between: We break it down so you follow one step at a time. We’re innovative. We meet you where you are and you may end up on a stage, on a field, in a quiet space, in a loud space. We stand beside you and carry you when needed.
We harness your power. For real.

Media Training
You may be an expert, but as soon as the journalist starts asking questions, you can easily lose your way in the conversation. We are award-winning journalists and we’ve been on both sides of the line – we report for TV, radio, and newspapers and we train clients to handle fun and challenging interviews like pro’s. We’ll teach you how to quickly create talking points designed for verbal delivery, to smoothly handle all the questions, to make sure your message gets heard, and how to follow up.

Building Brand Ambassadors
Your team members are your very best ambassadors.
Except when they’re not.
When you embrace defined, focused, consistent messaging, you’d better make sure your team understands how to live that message out loud. We coach your team to deliver your brand in behavior and communication. It boosts morale, creates energy, and helps shove your brand recognition to the top.

Internal Communication
We call it collaborative communication. Really it’s the foundation for all the communication techniques we teach: the art of the exhale, engaged listening, focused messaging. This technique turns strangers and co-workers into a well-synched, cooperative, creative, and extremely loyal team. It’s magical for local and global teams.

Message Development
We guide you through a proven process to define who you are and how you maneuver in this world. Yes, we could just make it up and “tell you” what your message is and what your brand should look like – but instead our message development process comes from the collective brainpower and philosophies of your leadership team. This way, your team can really “own it”; it’s authentic, genuine, speaks truth.

Professional Transitions
You may need a change. You may be unfulfilled. You may be bored. You may have been laid off or fired. You need to re-define yourself, get yourself back into the game. How do you want to be perceived? How do you want to present? Where do you want to succeed? We’ll coach you to redefine your personal message, create your strategy to network, coach your delivery, and secure your next adventure.

Servant Leadership
We coach your team to act as your very best ambassadors inside and outside “the house”. We teach collaborative communication and help you strengthen the bonds and loyalties of your team. From Wikipedia: “Servant leadership is both a leadership philosophy and set of leadership practices. Traditional leadership generally involves the accumulation and exercise of power by one at the ‘top of the pyramid.’ By comparison, the servant-leader shares power, puts the needs of others first and helps people develop and perform as highly as possible.

Volunteer & Donor Development
We lead you to create the plan, the steps, and vibe to train and nurture your volunteers and donors. We coach you to generate collaboration and empowerment; we teach you how to equip your volunteers and donors to more effectively serve, to boost your impact, and to work together in unity, even if they’re strangers. Our process includes daily formulas to keep everyone on track, to decompress and manage their emotions, and realize the magnificent joy that comes from service in action, especially abroad.

Global Re-Entry
Whether you’re working or volunteering away from home, the “re-entry” into “real life” can be intense. Your work away from home can be tense, empowering, and life changing – sometimes negative, often positive. It takes strategy and skill to smoothly re-integrate and put your new skills to use. We use proven processes and tailored techniques to help you mitigate the sometimes-bumpy ride.

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Our priority is to personally care for you and your company, “whether shy or outgoing, verbal or mute, oppressed or freed, we will always find a way to communicate.” Let It Shine coaches use their gifts and expertise to help create the most positive communication path for you and your team.