Lucinda Kay… Joy Maker, Communications Coach, Story Teller, Global Perspective

“I believe we’re on this planet for one reason – to love each other. I know, sounds all mushy…
But really, if we intentionally communicate from a place of kindness and choose to seek improvement, we kick open the door to living an inspired, radiant life.”

I coach so that you can better represent. Yourself and your team.

My day begins with intentional joy-making which means gratitude – my own, shared with my family, and my team.

“What’s your joy moment today?” I believe joy is a habit and it’s at the core of my interaction with the world. It’s how I live my truth out loud. No matter what challenge we face, there are moments in which to be grateful.

I was raised by a mighty mama who taught me that no matter what happens in your life, you show up… for yourself, the world, and for what you know to be true. She and a band of mentors continue to instill in me that all things are possible.

That foundation made me curious. And sturdy. I want to know the “why” and the “how” behind the stories we live… and then I need you to take action, no matter the why.

Story development and how we communicate is “the work”. I think the process is magical. During our time together my clients show up big. No matter what profession, education, or background they come from, they choose the courage to take advantage of coaching and they contribute to the world.

“Change the delivery of your story and you’ll change your life.”

My greatest joy is sharing my higher calling: defining (or refining) that light within you, and learning how to speak it out loud. Working with individuals, groups or at events, I get to share the life lessons learned from being a professional storyteller and a human who lives a big life. I’m a former news anchor (TV & radio, in English + Spanish). I grew up in dysfunctional chaos and creativity, later experienced bullets whizzing through the air, high-jackings in Brazil, volun-tourism in Jamaica, collaborations with Hollywood types and small town heroes, glorious parenthood for my highly spirited teen… it’s a blessedly big life, and we live out loud.

It’s amazing to watch another human blossom right before my eyes. Be it for personal or professional development, it’s extraordinary to see you unlock your own potential.

Letting It Shine is a daily, intentional practice.

Choose courage.
Embrace practice.
Take action.
Speak your words intentionally.
Use your voice + Use it wisely.
That’s how you Let It Shine!

Lucinda Kay hit the airwaves in 1994, and has been a professional storyteller ever since. She’s a communications consultant with a BA in communications, she’s ordained and earned a Certificate in Lay Ministry, plus a certificate in crisis communication from FEMA.

Fans love Lucinda for her engaging interviews, honest questions and a willingness to take risks on air and in person. A recent client praised Lucinda as “…a ball of energy who’s an expert to boot!”

Since she launched her company in 2006, she’s consulted news talent, corporations and non-profits, innovators and entrepreneurs. Team members provide coaching for communications, public relations and marketing, professional transitions and international service.

Let It Shine partners with experts in their fields, award winning journalists, lively and dynamic conversationalists. These are folks your team will love to engage with, learn from, and generate conversations of challenge and goodness.